COLOMBIAMODA 2013 - runway

  • Three days in Medellín, business, trends, fashionistas and the lifestyle experience. 
  • Adriana Santacruz . Artisans from Bolivar in the south of Colombia develop these amazing textile surfaces, the head designer Adriana Santacruz innovates from the roots of Colombia to the contemporary capital cities of the world. Social responsibility it´s the companies pillar, being aware of the importance of arts and crafts and the “ know how ” of the artisans maintaining their traditions to re-invent the textiles into fashion treasures, unique pieces.  fan page
  • Paradizia Swimwear. The exploration of trends, cultural mix from IPANEMA to TTurkey. The accesories take us to the east, and the maxi bags bring us again to the caribean. Colorfull prints abstractions of nature in geometric paterns. Very commercial but also beautifull and usable.   fan page
  • TENNIS a clear example of fast fashion, not many changes on the structure of the clothes but innovation on the prints and materials sucha as leather and velvet. This time the collection's inspiration was the rock band "the Rolling Stones" an urban rock style invaded the runway and hopefully colombian streets on few months.  fan page
  • COLEGIATURA these accademic exercices are important to explore the creativity and the material posibilities. Textile innovation and styling were the goals of this catwalk. We will see some of these young faces soon arround the world in the fashion industry.  fan page
  • Isabel Henao classic but contemporary, unique fabrics printed in laser inspired on stone scultures exalt the contrast : the  hardness of "material" with the softness of the clothes and the silhouette.  fan page
  • Firma POLITE inspired in the Eden´s garden the lovely prints and the conceptual pieces tell a poetic story to the audience. Evoques international designers but still mantains its signature : the innovation on the accesories and the elegance fan page
  • Renata Lozano The epic stories of the antique greece are the inspiration of this collection for strong and warrior women. The iconic accesories such as the troyan horse made an statement for different details on the clothes and the silhouette.  fan page