Leisure Tourism: Cool Hunting

  • This a preview of a Qualitatiy Research developed on retirees, please contact me if interested in the entire research.
  • Framework:
    Qualitative Research was done on retirees who travel during their pensionary time.
    The project aims to get as a result an ethographic manual explaining how:
    Expectations, Motivations and decisions are taken by a retiree when traveling.
  • As a startpoint, interviews were done to random retirees, leading to the first filtering: Verge (2 years to retire), Recently (less to 10 years of retirement) and Lengthy (10+ years of retirement).
    After this, the research was headed to identify decision agents, motivations and their relevance on the retirees.
  • One Sample of six.
  • Motivation Matrix: Recently Retired, Spouse, Daughter, Son, Parents, Travel Agency VS Motivation, Perceived Need, Which Provided, Perceived Benefit
  • Next Workshop: Focus Group and Sketch the Experience.
    Agenda: Icebreaking, Scenario Chat (Determined by previous Insight), Ideal Journey
    Only women were taken in account.
  • Persona Tool
  • First Assesment: Icebreaking "Thoughts about being retired?".
    Outstanding Facts: Wellness, Hobbies, Advantages
  • Resulting Categories (From most to least relevance): Emotional Aspects, Personal Welfare, Concrete Actions, Generic Actions
  • Second Assessment: Scenario Chat.
    Scenario: Family Gathering at Christmas
    Apart from prepared queries, emergent categories summoned out, such as: Who organizes the sopper? was it planned in advance?
  • Role Matrix: Tool to specify each retiree tasks regarding to the Christmas Sopper
  • Triangulation Results:
    The three activities were merged to determine profiles.
    Criteria was defined by: Roles, Agents and Actions
  • Profile: THE ADVENTURER.
    Is in constant pursuit of activities that could not perform during her working time, measures her satisfaction in new experiences had.
    Trust in her relatives criteria to decide where to go.
    Seeks rest in entertainment, understood as: learning, apply this knowledge in helping her relatives
    is almost autonomous taking decisions, and decides over her relatives when they're under her authority.
    Brings to her family, managing meetings and being part of them