• This is my Poncho at the Exhibition "Frecuencias Visibles (Arte y Ciencia)" 2013 by Los Andes University. I had the honor to expose next to artist Alberto Baraya.

  • The poncho and bag designs were inpired in San Andrés de Giles (Argentina), which was a commercial town till the 90's. The reason why this town is not now what it was is beacause the railway communication ended. That meant an economic and social downturn to the town. 
    The proyect wanted to give it an identity through the wool that is produced there. The techniques used were felt and two knitting needles. 
    The concept of this project is based on the religious mixture between the catholics and the indigenous culture that continues in this way. In the rother hand, it also expresses a constant old aesthetics in between the grassy landscapes. All this diverse mix make of San Andrés de Giles to have an identity of its own that can be consolidated. 
  • All the patterns were made parting from the union of simple geometric figures.