• dOCUMENTA is the most important contemporary art fair and exhibition of the world. This project was the result of a competition organized by them. The task was to design a building for the information center that would not be permanent.
    If dOCUMENTA is about multiplicity and an approximation to simultaneous ways of understanding and living the world today, then the peroject sould act in the same direction. It was conceived a project that grew from the trees and for the trees surroindig the big square where the air fair takes place: organic structures with the same shape and form, but with different types of interactions with people. This created a program that not only allowed multiple spaces no allow certain activities, but for the place to fit in.
    As a communication center, the structures should have different types of interactive skins programmed to intensify the dOCUMENTA experience: living information that was communicated by, for and though the public.
  • Interior spaces should have to be as free as possible so the structures could be reused in further activities of the city. Geodesic domes allow this as they are structures that can be used win different activities, are able to produce free floor plans, are very cheap and fast to produce, and save energy in temprerature control due to their shape.