• Following Nick Knight's Fashion Illustration work, and punctually the project Text me, these pieces were made as an initial deconstruction excercise focused in art direction. The series portray a woman whose neck grows as she feeds of the attention others give her. The intention was to build a graphic piece through digital crafting and photography following a process of reverse building and moodboarding.
    Isabella virtually wear Louis Vuitton AW '13.
    This project started with a research on photographer Nick Knight's work from the early 90's to his latest projects. Having chosen a photoshoot he made for garage magazine with top model Lindsey Wixson using emoji and glitch aestetich, the experimentation with the shapes and colour began. Two moodboards were made, one about the lifestyle of the girl I wanted to portray, another about the attitude, specially the facial expression of such femme fatale, being supported by female Hollywood celebrities and icons and Roy Lichtestein's pop girls. Theses moodboards served as support during the photoshoot and the digital development of the pieces. The graphic elements used in the digital transformation of the pictures were the videos "DCT" and "MW" and the fashion collection "Louis Vuitton Femme AW 13".
    I would like to specially thank the gorgeous Isabella Gomati who helped me during the arduous photoshoot being the best model, as usual.