Coffee Supreme - Blends Images

  • I was asked to develop a series of artworks graphically representing the core product of our company, five coffee blends. The artworks needed to communicate flavour, place and process in an aesthetically informative way.
    I started associating flavours with colours, shapes and with percentages,  exploring the idea of blending while playing with inks and colour wheels. I decided to do one piece using screen-printing techniques, where you can get dirty and apply in real life. I was mindful of budget constraints and decided to translate that understanding of blending with inks into computer language. I achieved it with opacities, overlapping the shapes and giving it the same character whether printed in digital, applied to tasting cards, posters, social media or even in cafes. 
    The result has been used across our brand and applied to much of our marketing material giving each one of our coffee’s its own visual character. The layering of shape and colour represents the essence of what each product is - a blend of different coffees.