• This project  was created in the class Estudio 5 : Creative direction, the main objective is the appropriation of different aesthetic languages and concepts. This is done to consolidate the ability to study trends, built 
    concepts, analyze target audiences, and define aesthetic preferences of consume.
    In order to create strategic proposals that take advantage of the market opportunities in a creative way, and whose competitive differentiation is the value proposition based on cultural manifestations, those of the designer and those of the audience.

    Origen, was developed taking the aesthetic universe of Swarovski. We focused on developing a project that would have a place in the Swarovski Kristallwelten, the museum dedicated to the brand. The central idea of the project was to portray the ephemeral and surreal union of the biological and the digital. In order to convey the birth of the crystals, their innate beauty and the perfection achieved by the brand's innovative technology. 
    The project's concept and realization was done by : 
    Natalia Ardila Torres - David Aguirre - Isabella Ocampo - Juan P. Cruz
  • We developed an immersive space of 56m². Built with around 700 triangular triplex pieces mounted over white fabric. In this space an audiovisual piece was projected, this audiovisual piece was constructed using stock-footage of natural phenomena and audio ranging from bubbling liquids to space frequencies.