Beautiful my monster

  • Beautiful my monster (BMM) is a project born from the exploration of the domestic space; to reimagine and observe everyday objects under new eyes allows the proposition of more meaningful interactions, simple and intuitive. The chosen object for exploration was the handrail, to understand the core interaction body storming was carried out plus a hunch I had on the subject from a deep fear I had as a child. Getting down the stairs and running for the light switch was routine for me. The interaction was then intervened, as a result BMM seeks to counter this fear by lighting the user's path and offering a feeling of safety.

    The pattern for the sensors was motivated by the beauty of the stars and the comfort I find in them.
  • The project was featured in Andando, an exhibition organized by the Design faculty of Universidad de los Andes
  • For more info on the making of the project feel free to watch the process video and some tumblr posts that talk about the specifics of the project in depth; structure and electronics