Una espera sin fin / Inserto Periódico

  • The objective was to make a point, make a statement through the piece. Contemplating more than the formal elements known to the editorial design, the idea was to create a space of interpretation and an experience of reading.
    The posture is developed from an investigation and analysis and it is synthetized into a concept. In addition, throughout the process it is necessary to explore the formal criteria of the piece itself.  In this manner, these elements are used to support the editorial criteria and the concept under which the project is developed.
    — Una espera sin fin — was about a newspaper article; it was a long and boring piece. We were to examine it and find one thing worth saying about the whole article. The story told in the piece was about a very sensitive subject in Colombia – forced displacement;  it was a seven pages long piece which depicted the sad story this people have to live everyday, it had a bunch of numbers and figures, and also laws and procedures so I concentraded on that.
  • The front page had to be an image; we had to work on the graphic of this piece in a manner that would make an impression and would also convey almost instantly the concept of the piece. This forced us to gather all the elements and distil them into a single and clear idea we were to communicate. This is how the subjects that had grabbed my attention distilled into a concept :  w · a · i · t 
    This people wait in vain. Wait for help, wait for an illusion disguised as laws that are not fulfilled, wait for a government that simply can’t cope anymore. This was the message I wanted stated.  The graphic of the cover would be the hook of the entire article so it had to make an impact. I thought of a ticket, tickets are given out in different places to set an order in the turn people will be seen, they usually go up to a three digit number but this ticket would have the last recorded number of people affected in Bogotá.  This would give perspective of the magnitude of the problem. 
  • By understanding the way of lecture as a communicative piece itself I was able to enhance the message not only through the information but also through the diagramation itself. The spread diagramation would talk about the eternal wait these people have to gace.
    It would have nothing but the bits that mention the laws created to help the problem, they would be diagrammed as the small lettering in contracts that no one reads since they have no real effect on the problem. Finally the back would have it all, the rest of the article, all the futile words that no one listens to anymore because they are repeated over and over again without accomplishing anything tangible for these people.