This Must Be The Place / 001_ P A T R I C K

  • T  H  I  S    M  U  S  T    B  E    T  H  E    P  L  A  C  E
  • This project is an exploration that seeks to provide an understanding of personal practices and rituals which are performed by music lovers, in other words, the intimate relationship they bear to music. The approach given to music was merely visceral. To understand these relationships, I conducted some interviews and collected emotional stories told by music lovers. The proposal is a collection of stories remixed in graphic pieces, searching to give an understanding of an action or a ritual through the visual and the conceptual media.
  • 001_ P A T R I C K
  • Patrick is my father, he's a Music producer and a sound engineer. I made Postcards for him, they represent iterations of his lifework. Behind each one of them there is an anecdote he has told me over the years. The concept behind is Analogue Memories.