Gertrude Stein's (Pop-up)

  • The project was to create an identity for a retail shop, designed to break general expectations of coffee. Located on the iconic Gertrude Street in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Fitzroy, they wanted the shop to have a unique character and pay tribute to its location. It was to be a place the public would learn about coffee, and taste something a different.
    Playing on its name and based on Picasso’s famous portrait, I started creating the logo around her face playing with her eyes, nose and mouth, including lettering around.  I made a hand drawn coffee map, painted quotes of Stein’s poetry on the floor and inside the coffee cups and developed the menu. I created all these using my hands while utilising the concept of handmade lines and traces, to pay homage to Gertrude Stein and the artistic revolution she lead. 
    The shop didn’t just attract coffee lovers - people would stop in off the street just to take a look because of its unique branding, exposing our brand to many new customers and a new way to sell and talk about coffee. 
  • Here the Complete video: