• Panoramika is a multidisciplinary studio of new media; specialized in the conception and development of audiovisual, digital and interactive experiences. All the work done was developed with the support and help of the awesome interactive lab team. 
    During the time that I was part of the interactive lab I participated in several commercial projects and contributed to the creation of diverse proposals for clients. I experimented with a wide range of tools that enabled to create very diverse projects, here's a sampler of some of them.
    For the event Design and Emotion, held at los Andes university, we designed an interactive facade that was activated by people's transit in front of it. The pattern and over all look and feel was developed using TouchDesigner. The facade showed info about the speakers and the principal locations of the event; it also showed a live twitter feed pulling the hashtag #dande. 
    We held a Showroom to do a live performance of the different possibilities we could offer as projects. One of them was the use of the Kinect V2 and TouchDesigner; I developped three short projects using these tools. 

    One of them was painting with your hands, the movement of them was the trace and as the person closed the fist the brush changed colour. 
  • Another took people's silhouette and showed them in a massive surface. As the Kinect detected more people (up to 6) the colour of the surface changed.
  • The last one was a particle system that made up Panoramika's logo. The logo would dissolve when a person walked in front of the Kinect.
  • Ému, is a project in progress that seeks to give a tangible representation to feelings taking data from a heartbeat sensor. The data is taken using a shield from Backyard Brains and then put into TouchDesigner to be interpreted under established parameters that give them form. 
  • For the launch of the second generation Motorola mobile phones we designed Motozone; an area deviced to highlight the characteristics of the phones, the entrance had a short augmented reality game. In this game people were able to pick a character with their hands using the Kinect V2 and TouchDesigner, once the character was chosen people could take a picture that would then be used in a souvenir card of the event. The game was able to withstand continuous traffic of over 200 people each day during four weeks.