D-Mentes Anniversary Issue Cover

    Revista D-Mentes is a independent design magazine that features all the fresh young designers and the upcoming creative industries of Colombia. D-Mentes also keeps the design world updated with events, arts and culture, everything that is going on around us is known by D-Mentes.
    Every trimestral issue is a whole new world full of local inspiration
  • D-Mentes Anniversary Cover
    - Art Direction & Baking -
    Paola Sánchez
    - Editor -
    Daniela Ramos
    - Photography -
    Juan Manuel Páez
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  • BackCover Details
    The anniversary cover was built under a baking concept, where D-Mentes Mag is the cake and all design disciplines where the ingredients represented by the main tools around the cake. At the back cover you will find that the cake was sliced and served in very different plates, because D-Mentes is a magazine that is there for everyone
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