Art Direction for Isola Restaurant

  • Isola is an Italian Bar-Restaurant Located in Bogotá - Colombia. Isola was built under a dual concept: it serves traditional Italian food in a really modern and chic place, The main idea of this shooting was to turn 180 degrees the dark and homemade mood of old photographies and give a fresh and clean twist to the signature dishes making them look more comtemporary. 

     Isola Bar-Restaurant

    Santiago Galvis

    Styling & Concept
    Paola Sánchez

    Manolatina by Marcela Lukauskis
  • Pizza Corsica
  • Insalata di Polpo
  • Olio d´oliva & Manolatina Tableware
  • Pizza Corsica
  • Misto di Carni
  • Manolatina Tableware
  • Insalata di Polpo