Space for good manners, Objects for good customs *

    Practice-based research project developed at Design School – Universidad de los Andes – Bogotá, Colombia
    "We cannot understand the future without the past, without traditions and those material and immaterial legacies that link us to a place.  On those legacies reside the poetic that connect people with them surrounding objects and spaces they inhabit."
    From questioning diverse aspects around objects, poetics and aesthetics of Bogota`s grandmothers’ homes this installation artwork is developed.  It is an approximation to a domesticity in which femininity (gender) and narrative around “Manual of Civility and Good Customs” from Manuel Carreño, are the axis of creation of this space of conversation between past, tradition, crafts and future of materials.
    This proposal is a celebration of materials and transgression of limits between them.  Celebrate, as well, textiles and its techniques transversality, which allows the creation of new material approaches sublimed by sensoriality.    Something grounded and rigid as ceramics could be perceived as volatile and airy; something hard and stable as wood could be perceived as flexible and light.   The installation underlines low-fi technology that elaborates little surprises for our everyday places.
    Design and Emotion 2014 - Design Case (in english only) :