YIRE Un-limited Dreams

  • ‘Limited’ Honduras, Yire, Pache

    "Yire (pronounced year-eh) is our latest Limited coffee release and marks the first time we’ve offered a coffee from Juan Carlos Manueles Ventura, a man dedicated to taking great care at every stage of the production of his coffee.

    The farm is located in La Paz, one of the highest and coldest parts of Honduras, near to the border with El Salvador.
    Juan Carlos is dedicated to taking care at every stage of the production process. Coffee is fermented for 36 hours before being washed with clean water from a local spring.
    It was such a thrill to visit the family at the farm last year and soak up their passion and pride for their product. Juan Carlos and the other small producers we work with, are part of a new movement of farmers who are processing and drying their own coffee. This new group of producers is pursuing quality, aiming to increase the volume of specialty grade coffee exported from Honduras."

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