• Presencia Perturbada (Disturbed Presence) is an interactive installation that captures the silhouette of a person and transforms it creating an abstract figure that moves away from the original conception of corporeality and engages into the space as scenography moving abstractly.

    It was inspired by the work of Francisco de Goya and Anthony van Dyck. It expects to personify the concept of one of the prints of the Spanish painter: ' The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters '.

  • When the person stands in front of the screen, a flow of particles builds his silhouette. Seconds later, the silhouette is deformed by constructing an abstraction of it. If no one stands in front of the screen, the last abstraction remains there moving randomly. The experience restarts when someone is in front of the screen.
  • Each person is identified with a different type of particles chosen between a group of 5, giving each person an identity in the experience.
  • The detection is made with a Kinect sensor and the image processing is developed with the Processing software, based on the work Kinect Flow by Amnon Owed.
  • This was the final project of the Master Study 1 course at the MA in Design program of Los Andes University.
  • | Daniela Maldonado | 2015 |