Hora de Tomar el Sol

  • The people that remain several hours working in an enclosed space enjoy to take a break outside their workspace when the sun shines. Hora de Tomar el Sol (Sunbathing Time) is a sundial that announces when the sun shines with a fascinating sound. It has to be located close to an enclosed place where it is exposed to sunlight and where people use to take a break.
  • A temperature sensor connected to a Wiring S board detects the sun. The sensor has to be previously calibrated to identify with accuracy the changes in temperatures in an specific place. When the sun shines, a solenoid hits a non-fixed metal plate generating a high-pitched and resonant sound with its vibration. The device inside is a resonance box that amplifies the sound and allows it to be heard in an open space.
  • The sundial design allows the sound to be associated with the sun by people. Although the Gnomon doesn't indicate the hour accurately, it plays with the shadow to show the course of the sun during the day. It was also designed to drain the water when it rains avoiding damages in the electronic system.
  • This was the final project of the Foundations 3 course given by Hernando Barragán at the MA in Design program of Los Andes University.
  • | Daniela Maldonado | 2016 |