Komet Terraces - Urban Density Lab Vienna 2016

  • Komet Terraces
    Urban Density Lab Viena 2016
  • This project was a three-day workshop called “Urban density lab” in the technical university of Vienna. The main goals to achieve in this workshop were to find new solutions for the urban density in the city of Vienna, and propose new mix-use housing projects in two different locations. Three universities participated, the Lviv University from Ukraine, the TU Wien, and Universidad de los Andes from Colombia. Each group of four students was given a specific location for the proposal.

    In this case the intervention space its known as the Komet Area in the 12 district of Vienna. The current situation of the site is not favorable for the city, its abandoned and has many opportunities for new developments because of its closeness with a metro station and a crowded-commercial avenue. Our proposal consists in 2 parallel bars, one on each longitudinal side of the lot, creating a central public space with different levels according to each use. There’s also a ramp that connects directly with the metro station and opens up to the commercial road. 
  • Category_ Vivienda

    Type_ Académico

    Team_ Monica Dobre, Luis Felipe Ramón, Christina Rauchwarter, Juan Camilo Salazar