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  • This is a device I created regarding the notion of space. For me, space exists only once we have experienced it. Therefore, I built an 'empty' model that recalled an architectural model. The device was made up of the floor blueprint and eight objects. 

    Each object of the device represented a certain space that in turn represented a major aspect of my life, like: family, friends, etc. Once placed on the blueprint a specific video was activated. The videos were created using different fragments of clips I've shot in various and any number of situations. In this way, the space was filled/created with/by my memories.
  • The model was made of acrylic and wood. The installation's system was created using wiring (arduino) and TouchDesigner. The physical interface was controlled with wiring that communicated via serial with TouchDesigner. I used TouchDesigner to control and project the videos. 
  • This piece has an iteration, it was done after a piece about time and I decided to focus on the notion of possibility and sound. Each object became a number in a system that controlled the playback of different sound snippets. Therefore, I had an '8-bit' system with 256 different sound possibilities. 

    I wanted to explore and experiment with the evocative power of sound and my own memories. Each sound snippet was chosen because it recalled a particular moment or subject in my life, but once detached from the image it became something hazy for the people interacting with the installation. 

    They couldn't pin down exactly what it was and therefore they imagined the situation around it. The participants gave a new meaning to each sound, to each memory.