· About time · Glitch

  • This is a device I created about the notion of time. The idea was to create a piece where we would explore time, our perception of it and how we lived it. It was weird to think of a way to represent time since, what actually is time? Endless possibilities, that's what it means to me. 

    At each moment we take decisions, everyone takes decisions that influence in one way or another how things play out in life. I did an installation that built upon this idea. It was a sort of board, that recalled a bit a chess board, with a central piece where different possibilities were projected. Life possibilities: things that could be, things that were, things that will, things that we wish would be. 
  • The board had six square spaces that controlled which image was projected. The logic of the system was the same used for memory on computers, so in a way I had a '6-bit' system. Each square was assigned a number that when combined in diverse ways allowed me to create 64 different values. 

    The physical interface was controlled with Wiring (Arduino) and the image projection with Processing. I illustrated each possibility using a WacomBamboo on Adobe Illustrator.