Proyecto de Grado- Lourdes: Entre Ejes y Pasajes.

  • Lourdes: Between Axis and Passageways
    urban & social threshold
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  • The arrival of the Metro to Bogotá represents new challenges that involve the city from the Macro Scale, where the surrounding landscape and the consolidated city are the two main parameters that regulate the design process, to the Human Scale, where the inhabitant is the main authority and whose requirements, in balance with those mentioned above, become the fundamental criterion when it comes to Project.

    This way, it is necessary for the Metro to be inserted in the city in the most careful and natural possible way, where architecture plays the fundamental role of scales and situations mediator. The main challenge is to fuse landscape, city and Metro, with each neighborhood scale, people scale, softening its arrival so that instead of being invasive, it manages to successfully incorporate among the existing systems.

    Once understood this, in the project that is developed in Lourdes the main goal becomes that through an intermediate building -according to the city and the neighborhood in which it is being inserted-, a soft transition is generated between the Metro, which represents the city in its widest extent, and Chapinero, especially this neighborhood, which has an identity that has been consolidated since the foundation of Bogotá, and which treasures features that make it unique within it. The passages, theaters, and Church, are part of this extensive but introverted list that constitutes the immaterial solvency of Lourdes.

    The foregoing is achieved by working simultaneously in the development of a concept, which is the Limit (understood not as the element that dissociates, but on the contrary associates, two tensions of different characteristics), and a very rigorous analysis that covers from the geographical and historical conditions of the continent, to the nearby blocks where the work is being carried out, including road networks, vegetal structure, social factors, and any other variable that affect one way or another in the projection of this building.

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