A machine to make art

  • This is a collective project, done to explore what it implies to do relational art. The project was conceived during and intensive workshop with three other artists. At the beginning, the idea was to create a project that would gather the strengths of the four members. 

    With a limited amount of time, resources and quite a few setbacks the project became more about sticking together and carrying it on until the end that the actual functionality of the machine. Through art, we were able to cast aside the sharp dualism between means and ends; the installation was completed in a week's time
  • The idea of the project was to create a machine according to the university's context and peoples' usual interactions with this context; the machines' objective was to track the number of people going down and up the central stairs and use it to destroy/sculpt two cubes.
  • The result went beyond the physical objects and what was highlighted was the relationship between us and how we made the most of the collective's intersubjectivity. The process was captured in video and took form of a detailed account of the experience. 
  • We gave closure to the project with an exposition where we retraced each stage of the process and showed the video documentation. The video's narrative was guided through a common interview that played on the background of the documentation.