• Bogotá Ilustrada
    Editorial Design and Illustration - 2016
    Designed by Paula Castellanos and Daniela Di Martino​​​​​​​
  • This book tries to solve a historical-cultural problem based on forgetting. With this project I seek to reflect the activities, characteristics and interests of a population, going through and doing an inventory of their daily life. It is a portrait of diversity, of beliefs, of their everyday life... It is the Bogotá culture through elements that characterize it. It aims to show to the world how things look like there. We want to take care of the present, considering it as the base that sustains what we are today and what we will be in the future. I want to honour the city that opened its doors to me.​​​​
    “The immaterial becomes material when it is kept, preserved and filed.” – Olga Lucía Molano
  • Serie of 5 fanzines printed in Risograph technique. Printed in dimensions 11x14 cm.
  • Ribbon that holds the 5 fanzines with a stamp with the name of the publication.
  • Illustrated cover of the 5 books: "¡A la orden!", "Coloniales", "Capitalinos", "Peludos" and "Divinidades" (from left to right).​​ 
  • Divinidades - Illustrated compilation of 8 of the most iconic churches in the city.
  • Peludos - Portrait collection of dogs found in the street of the city.
  • Each fanzine comes with an illustrated poster according to the theme.
  • Capitalinos - Portrait collection of Bogotá inhabitants.
  • Under each illustration is indicated the name of what is in that page and the place of Bogotá to which it belongs.
  • Coloniales - Illustrated compilation of traditional windows that is possible found along the city.
  • Combination of inks to create new colors with the risograph printer.
  • ¡A la orden! - Illustrated compilation of 8 pushcarts found in different parts of Bogotá.
  • Content: Serie of five books held by a ribbon. Each book has a poster, a postcard and a pack of stickers.
    Dimensions: 11x14 cm.
    Tools: Photoshop, Wacom tablet.
    Print technique: Risograph.
    Binding: flexible cover.
    Pages: 25.
    A lot of items of these fanzines, such as postcards and stickers, were spreading to the community giving to the project more visibility. Also, Bogotá Ilustrada had the opportunity to appear in a special edition of Semana Magazine, where a tribute to the historic centre of the city was offered.