Wako, tu compañero de viaje.

  • Wako, tu compañero de viaje (Wako, your travel buddy) is an interactive tale in which Wako invites the reader to live a series of adventures with him like diving in the ocean, fly in a hot air balloon and look at the stars to ask for wishes. 
  • This work was inspired by the concepts "The medium affects the way we read " and "The paper has a new perspective". This tale involves something more than reading, it's about feeling the textures, exploring the worlds and make an emotional connection with the character and the experiences. Details like the envelope, the polaroid and the shell, make the reading and the object by itself memorable.
  • Every cube has a different adventure. Each adventure has a journey and an interaction object. The journey is recreated by the movement of the cubes, watching the shadows interact with the illustrations. The interaction object is the souvenir that makes the trip an unforgettable memory.
  • The tale.
  • Wako, tu compañero de viaje.
  • This was a project for the Publications of the Future course at the MA in Design program of Los Andes University.
  • | Daniela Maldonado | 2016 |