Bogotá Descontrolada

  • Bogotá Descontrolada (Bogotá Out of Control) is an interactive installation about Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, in the 70's. The basis for this installation were the research about the proposals for a metro in Bogotá in the 70's and an analysis of the economic situation and the urban life of the time.
  • We defined two key topics of the time that interested our team.The first one was the high rate of illegal housing (50%) in the south and the west of Bogotá. The second topic was the introduction of colour television. Each of topic was related to a different metro station. When someone was interacting with one of these stations, the map showed the location of the person on the map of Bogotá of the time.
  • One of the interactions was called "Invasores" (Invaders). This interaction was about the illegal housing at the city. The user was able to explore important facts and figures about the topic. People had to turn on the lights in the interaction to read the information. When all of the lights were on, the tower lit red, indicating that there was an overload of electricity usage. We wanted to show that services, like electricity, didn't work well
  • The other station was Comadres. People could change channels to listen to different news and see the corresponding picture. The news were taken from the newspaper of the time and the alluded to the crazy events happened in that period.
  • This was a project of the Interaction Study course at the MA in Design program of Los Andes University.
  • | David Feliciano, Franziska Gromzig & Daniela Maldonado | 2016 |