Fattorie Garofalo Strategic Design Proyect

  • Fattorie Garofalo
    Strategic Design 
    Proyect: Tatiana Acevedo, Madhusmita Das, Julia Villamonte,Tipmanee Pravichpaibul, Anita Akisheva
  • Our concept hand in hand is inspired from the word Mozzare - the delicate process of handcutting the mozzarella. This resonates with the experience we had at Fattorie Garofalo where we could see the factory process, the craft one and the farm where the bufalos grow. This experience made us understand the soul of the brand as a the delicate process of caring and made  with hands all the things that are related with the production of Mozzarella based on that we believe that this story is worth sharing with customers and we saw it as a potential opportunity to replicate in the retail store to deliver a valuable experience combining product and storytelling in an entire atmosphere. 


    Some of the distinctive elements we saw during our visit to the factory and the farm were the nature and the beauty of the production process. From the health and nourishment of the buffaloes to the hand cut artisanal mozzarellas – it was a journey that touched us. With this strong inspiration and understanding of the Fattorie Garofalo’s personality we decided to focus on the emotional atmosphere of the factory (industrial) and farm (local) that we can replicate in the retail spaces. How may we bring this experience to the cities? – was our question.


    Offering special experience and promoting a lifestyle is one of the most important trends in retail. So we moved to the city to continue our research and see how interesting and up-to-date brands embrace this trend. We analyzed Moleskine cafe, Aesop beauty shop, Upcycle cafe, God save the food restaurant and others. These brands attracted our attention for different reasons. Moleskine for their corner with products and the creative lifestyle they promote. Aesop for the minimalistic and modern interior and elegant way of advertising, Upcycle for the feeling that you belong to a certain community and GSTF for the interesting menu.

  • Conceptual Map

    After collecting all these inspiring details and defining the current trends we came to our first raw idea of the concept. We wanted to mix industrial and local with adding a personal touch – showing the brand’s philosophy in a friendly and elegant way. This is how we come up with the “Hand in Hand” concept.