Tea O'Clock - Exhibition Design

  • T E A    O ' C L O  C K
  • Tea O'clock is a project that consists of ideating a brand to design the corporate identity and designing a space set or exhibition stand that reflects the values ​​and aesthetics that the brand wants to manifest for their promotion and recognition.

  • Design Manual
  • Corporate Identity

    Tea o 'clock is a brand that seeks to highlight nature and organic values by means of its specialized products for tea time. The identity of the brand is based on freedom, spirituality and what many of the colors of nature convey.
  • Inspiration

    This moodboard wants to reflect the values ​​that seeks to rescue the brand through its shapes, its manifestations and its colours. In the same way allows visualizing the type of user that the brand sets as a target to get a clearer idea.
  • Creative process

    With the help of a morphological matrix it was possible to explore the different forms that represent the corporate identity of the brand. It was divided into cooking, love, well-being and spirituality.
  • First Proposals

    It was decided to combine the clock shapes as well as the leaves to match the name. The first attempts were through the later digitized watercolor technique. The leaves were different type of green ferns to alluding to the handles.
  • Final Proposal

    This proposal was chosen because it preserves this organic trace, and the leaves are similar to linden. The latter is good taste and representative. It was decided that the typography would accompany the logo to complement it and be more unified.
  • Black and White version

    For the black and white version the logo is two-dimensional. In the same way the letter is down to be readable. In some cases the logo goes without letter, when the space is limited, for example.

    Legible minimum

    This is the minimum readability size. This one goes without typography and details of the illustration so that it is possible to identify it.

    Colour palette

    A range of six xolours from the modboard were chosen. This six colours work well with each other and represent the values of the brand that want to be reflected and that the user seeks for.


    These illustrations were made in watercolors and seek to support the natural and organic value of the brand. They also support the visual design of the brand as they are eye-catching.

  • Exhibition display design

  • Design and development by: Paula Castellanos Zafra
    All rights reserved
    2016 Ⓡ