L´ORÉAL BRANDSTORM 2017 - DoubleCare

    Men Expert - Finals

    Diana Echeverry - Diseño
    Alejandra Matallana - Diseño
    Ana María Segura - Economía
    Universidad de los Andes
  • DoubleCare is a neutralizer that adjusts to your type of skin, and protects the skin from the sun. While at the same time, the product leaves the skin with a smooth texture that is maintained throughout the day and prevents excess oil production. DoubleCare is designed to be a couple’s experience. The magic behind this product is the packaging. Experthree has created an interaction where the objective is for young adult men to appreciate a skin care routine, and what better way to do it that than with someone who cares about them. Within this experience, the senses and technology are involved in order to create a unique and innovative experience. The long-term goal of this product is to encourage young men to generate a daily routine by using L’oreal Men Expert products.