• BOCK is a device that creates the feeling that time is passing faster for people to achieve an activity in an estimated time. The sound it emits changes the individuals time perception making them feel more productive.

    It was designed for a work environment in which people are constantly interrupted. In these collaborative spaces, it is common to ask your co-workers questions because your work depends on some of them. During the observation process in this context, it was found that this factor prevents people from completing their individual tasks on time.

    BOCK takes these social dynamics into account and integrate them into a product that balances the time people spend with the co-workers and the time for their own tasks. As a result, people become more productive because they stay focused on not losing time while they are working on a specific activity.

  • The desire to change the perception of time in people's lives was the idea that brought the project to life. The first prototypes were digital visualizations that explored a change in the way we usually conceive time in a work environment.
  • The physical prototypes revealed a way to change the perception of time in this context and exposed the social dynamics generated around the interruptions.
  • The insights obtained in the prototyping process led to a process of exploration, creation and refinement in form and interactions.
  • The product
  • Through the app, the person configures the activity that will perform with its duration. The sound of a falling sphere will mark the passage of minutes during that time. In the event that someone interrupts, that person can return the minutes he took, causing the interrupted person to devote the entire proposed time to the task.

    In addition, each person who has a Bock can communicate it with others. This allows the work groups to work, either in the same place or in different geographic locations, in the same task that has a common deadline.
  • The packaging
  • This project was my thesis of MA in Design at Los Andes University.
  • | Daniela Maldonado | 2017 |