Nube Verde


    In this project we worked with a community that is located near Bogotá, Colombia. They are farmers that have a self sustaining life style, and belong to a larger community called "Familias de la Tierra" (Families of the earth), this community created a farmers market in Bogotá, the idea was to communicate all the ideological background that has  every product and process as well as  the cultural inheritance, in order to give additional value to the products. Each package contained the product and the ideology.
    We called it Nube Verde or Green Cloud.

    With the help of: Margarita Domíngez and Maria Fernanda Botina
  •   Organic Fertilizer (espiritual fertilizer)
  • Organic Seeds (Welfare seeds)
  • Coca leaves (Soul energetic fertilizer) 
  • tea (relaxing tea)
  •  Finished in may 2011