Home collection - 2017 Edwards Place Fine Art Fair

  • H O M E    D E C O R A T I O N    T E X T I L E S 

    Collection developed for the 29th Annual Edwards Place Fine Art Fair 
    - Springfield, Illinois 2017
  • I’m Daniela Triana, a Colombian textile designer who recently joined the Springfield community. My work can be described as a constant exploration of fibers as intriguing volumetric surfaces with textural richness, by cause of the mixture of materials and techniques.

    I became fascinated with the process of layering and building my own surfaces. By cutting, knitting and distressing fibers and textiles, I get to explore each material in a whole different way, pushing the boundaries of contemporary textiles every day. Since I was little, i’ve been constantly looking for ways to reuse materials in a creative way. This world is the only one we have and I feel it is my responsibility to lead change and contribute to reduce the environmental impact caused by the manufacture of new materials every day.

    These are one-of-a-kind handmade items, meticulously crafted with upcycled materials and lots of love. They are the result of an extensive handcrafting process that encourages conscious consumption, during the chaotic fast fashion era. 
    These pieces of art are looking for a loving home with people who appreciate handcrafts as much as I do, and who also care to put a little extra effort to make our world a better place every day.
  • 1. Garden Rose 
  • 2. Garden Mesh 
  • 3. Blossoms 
  • 4.  Patchwork 
  • 5. Textured Cream 
  • 6. Bow Ties 
  • 7. Ruffled Traces 
  • 8. Maple 
  • 9. Maroon 
  • 10.  Cupcakes 
  • 11.  Salmon Rows 
  • 12.  Wild Reefs 
  • 13.  Snowflakes 
  • 14.  Blue Skies 
  • 15.  Aquamarine 
  • 16. Spring Waves 
  • 17.  Sea Horses 
  • 18.  Plankton 
  • 19.  Sea Bottom 
  • 20.   Hay Garden 
  • 21.  Chandelier 
  • 22.  Dark FLower 
  • 23.   Floral Stars
  • 24.  Ruffled Night 
  • 25. Red Fall Frame 
  • 26. Orchid leaf frames