Market for southern cultural industries (mercado de las industrias culturales del sur)
  • The Market for Southern Cultural Industries – MICSUR, is an event geared towards the creation and consolidation of a platform where knowledge, promotion, and commercialization of goods and services created by cultural and creative industries of the region can meet and interact. The event gathers creative representatives from 9 Latin American countries from diverse sectors: music, performing arts, video games and animation, editorial services, design and audiovisual production.

    The challenge was to create a networking environment within the event, where attendees from different sectors could meet and connect, creating a web of supply and demand for services and ideas.

    The space was designed strategically for attendees to have a twofold experience: first, they would introduce themselves and meet others in order to offer or locate a service; second, once they were matched with another participant they were invited to a VIP zone where they could discuss business at length.
  • The walkthrough:

    The participant arrives to an area and collects a color sticker identifying their sector  and they write their name on it.

    In order to ascertain the number of participants per sector in the networking environment, analogous visualization devices were created and placed at the entrance: participants collected their sector sticker and leaving the space void, the number of participants was revealed.
  • The participants proceeded to a space divided by sectors and took seats in their sectors, where they exchanged information about their services, or; proceeded to a sector that interested them looking for a services. A classic example is a participant from the video games and animation sector looking for a music participant to enliven their video games, or; a participant from editorial services looking for a designer to illustrate or diagram content.

    Once two participants were matched, they were invited to a VIP zone, where tables for two were set in order to foster a more personal conversation about ideas or possible business opportunities.
  • In order to determine the amount of interactions in the VIP zone, analogous visualization devices were put in place: participant’s stickers were collected at the entrance, thus revealing the number of alliances formed.
  • Client: Ministerio de Cultura - Ministry of culture
    Type of work:  Networking
    Year of origin: 2016
    Project Managers: Paula Rincón - Paola Sánchez - Gabriela Bejarano 
    Art Design: Claudia Hurtado 
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