• EDUCAS - Saint Matthew School
    Communication strategy 
  • Educas is an investment firm focused on the education sector, the largest global private equity firm focused on media, communications, education, and information investments. EDUCAS has a strong focus on Buy and Build opportunities in the Education sector to achieve transformational growth. In Colombia, EDUCAS is currently investing in the Colegio San Mateo in Bogota, which boasts a leadership potential to educate the best professionals in the country.

    The challenge was to create a new pitch to rescue the foundations of the school and crafting a strong communication strategy to signify its renovation.

    The new pitch was crafted around three powerful sentences that uniquely illustrate the foundations:

    We educate visionaries by nurturing hearts and minds
    We are passionate about excellence and creative genius
    We believe in solidarity to transform the world

  • To present the pitch to the new families coming to the school, a piece was created that is used by the admissions staff to tell the parents the story of how the school’s foundations were transformed. New Family Format a full color piece is provided for the parents, and a coloring piece is given to the children.
  • Also they have Our School is improving Flyer, a communication to the school community 
    about the last improvements of the school
  • The Saint Matthew School brochure also changed the way the school’s program is presented, using the foundations for each section as chapter titles, thus strengthening the pitch with the programs and activities at the school.
  • The Saint Matthew video was one the main components of the communication strategy. We took visual thinking as a reference and used a storytelling strategy to rework the pitch of the San Mateo school. One of the major challenges was to be especially concise with an animated video that would not exceed three minutes.
  • Client: EDUCAS - Saint Matthew School
    Type of work:  Communication Strategy
    Year of origin: 2016
    Project Manager: Gabriela Bejarano
    Art Design: Claudia Hurtado - Miguel Pérez - Margie Florez - Camilo Acuña 
    Animation: Diego Rojas 
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