Spoiled Kids

  • "When eating a buñuelo or fried cheese dough, without breaking it, I take out the soft center and then i eat the crunchy shell"
    I am Paola Sánchez 
    I am 28 years old
    I am Art Director at Espacio Crudo and Owner of Merci Patisserie

  • "i peal one by one the chocolate sides of the snickers, just to eat the caramel center at the end"
    I am Felipe Díaz 
    I am 30 years old
    I am photographer at Pink Flamingo

  • "I eat fries in order: from the shortest to the longest one"
    I am Natalia Londoño
    I am 35 years old
    I am Food stylist at Espacio Crudo
  • "I can't stand eating fries one by one"
    I am Mauricio Pérez
    I am 29 years old
    I am Copy Writer
  • "Do you ever consider not putting lemon in everything you eat?"
    I am Pamela Giraldo
    I am 31 years old
    I am Fashion Designer at Scissor Killers
  • "i know this sounds weird, but at breakfast I always eat two types of fruits... I grab both flavors with the fork and eat them. I can't eat one single flavor by its own or the fruit if it isn't organized in even numbers"
    I am Daniela Moreno
    I am 28 years old
    I am Fashion Designer at Ñero Indumentaria

  • "i eat white bread by removing the brown border, smashing the soft part and making balls out of it"
    I am Gustavo Rodriguez (Budas)
    I am 28 years old
    I am Art Director at Britten

  • "i divide all the food i get served in half mentally, I always eat the first half of everything.... then... if i am still hungry i eat the other half"
    I am Julián Barrera
    I am 28 years old
    I am Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather

  • "I never finish a drink to avoid washing the glass"
    I am Andrés Caicedo
    I am 28 years old
    I am Photographer at Espacio Crudo

  • We are kids who show behavioral problems characterized by excessive, self-centered, and immature behavior... when eating...
    Picky eating is a universal problem related to kids... but not. This is the reason we decided to created a visual system to show weird and unique things people do when eating. Each image works as a double portrait, one side shows the person's photography and the other side shows a food composition reflecting their behavior. As we all know, it’s popular to blame picky eating on weak parents, same reason this serie is called: Falta de Juete, an commonly used idiom to refer to kids that didn't get enough limits and disagreement for bad behaviors, the spoiled kids.

    Special Thanks to all our weird friends out there who decided to tell us their obssesions and let us use their faces for the project.

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