Edición 12 - Yarumo
  • Yarumo is an art installation inspired in The Plant Magazine. This installation was designed to transform the perception of a space following the values and principles that this magazine carries. For instance, the first part of the exercise consisted in analizing The Plant is a magazine originally from Barcelona as well as its creators Cris Merino, Carol Montpart and Isa Merino, whose central theme are the plants that are presented from monographs that are published biannually. 
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    The Plant es una revista originaria de Barcelona al igual que sus creadoras Cris Merino, Carol Montpart e Isa Merino, cuyo tema central son las plantas presentadas a partir de monográficos que son publicados de manera bianual.

  • I.
    Investigación & Conceptualización
  • Initially, a robust investigation of the brand and the principles that led it to establish itself as such, from its creators, to the technical factors that compose it, was carried out. Likewise, the magazine was related to similar references both internationally and locally (Bogotá, Colombia), not only in order to analyze a similar aesthetic, but also the convergence of the values presented by the journal. Following this, profiles corresponding to these values were defined, which were supported by people who in their habits can come to share the same of the brand.
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    En un principio se realizó una robusta investigación de la marca y de los principios que la llevaron a establecerse como tal, desde sus creadoras, hasta los factores técnicos que la componen. Asimismo, se relacionó la revista con referentes similares tanto a nivel internacional como local (Bogotá, Colombia), no sólo con el fin de analizar una estética similar, sino la convergencia de los valores que presenta la revista. Seguido a esto, se definieron perfiles correspondientes a dichos valores, los cuales fueron sustentados con personas que en sus hábitos pueden llegar a compartir los mismos de la marca.

  • II.
  • The Plant presents its first edition in the second
    most biodiverse country in the world, Colombia. The Yarumo,
    an ancestral tree that has many stories to tell,
    will be the protagonist that introduces us to this country.
    The Plant presenta su primera edición en el segundo
    país más biodiverso del mundo, Colombia. El Yarumo,
    un árbol ancestral que tienen muchos relatos por contar,
    será el protagonista que nos introduzca a este país.