Les jours sans sommeil font rêver les plantes

  • Les jours sans sommeil font rêver les plantes, is an installation that seeks to combine the organic nature of plants with the digital aspect of electronic/video art to propose and explore a new kind of interface. It was exposed in the "Vitrine" space of the Manif d'Art in Québec City from the 22nd of June to the 25th of August, 2017. 

    Plants and new media come together to become the metaphor of a shared dream, the project is based on the concept of memory. Dreams and garden are weaved in one and the same experience. This interactive installation takes the garden as a starting point and invites participants to question the role of technology in daily live. It is composed of several pots of flowers that react to the presence of the public and a central piece where a video plays continuously.
  • During the day, the video playback was controlled by the interaction of the public with the plants; depending on which plant was approached different videos were shown. During the evening, a continuous video was projected on the wall, a dream made up of the day's video stream modified and transformed by the recorded data of the plants during the day.
  • Since each day the exposition would have a different flow of public, and a different interaction would take place, the dreams projected during the night changed every day. The data was collected and stored all along the exposition. The resulting dreams are shown below.