• La récolte, is the final exposition of my master in art. It gathers the experimentations carried out during two years of research-creation, showing the process and a device that aim to convey the central concepts of the research. 

    The gallery space was divided into two areas, the first showed the key findings of my three creative laboratories: the process. Taking into account that I did my master in Québec, Canada, and I come from Colombia; I wanted to offer a cultural and geographical opening, and also to show how knowledge is produced, how rich the research process is. 
  • The second half of the space offered a sensory experience involving plants. The piece proposes a space where the public can relate to plants using technology. It is a living installation thanks to which a triangular relation between plants, audiovisual compositions and participants is established. This relation is consolidated by the interaction of people with plants, which modulates and modifies audiovisual compositions.