Waste Sight / Arch out loud Nuclear ideas competition

  • Waste Sight solution is the answer to transform a waste nuclear storage to a monumental and  dynamic place in the middle of New Mexico.
  • There are three principle design values that are implicit on this design.
  • The first one, is to be a notable landmark for any way of live, that communicates the  storage   of toxic materials on the bottom of the pyramid. This communication is made by the scale   of    the construction and the use of paints around the big stones on the intervention limits, which are call the historical stones that have a directly relation with the paleolithic rock paintings around the world.
  • The second, is to be useful for any living form that might be near it. The water recollection is an important value that will make humans feel owners of the place, and create a cultural importance of the monumental piece.
  • The third value is to create a place that could endure for millennials, the most important to make it possible, is to answer to any climate change and still being useful on the different temperatures and era changes on earth.