¿Qué tan cerca estamos del espacio?

  • ¿Qué tan cerca estamos del espacio?
    EN// How far away is space?  FR// À quelle distance se trouve l'espace?

    Often, our fast-paced modern lifestyle obscures the fact that planet Earth and mankind are just a tiny speck of a vast and mysterious universe. "¿Qué tan cerca estamos del espacio?" is an interactive data visualization which seeks to remind us that we are a part of said universe, by bringing the thousands of meteorites that have fallen to Earth right to a computer screen. Upon interacting with the visualization, the user observes a never-ending meteorite shower where each falling rock represents a real meteorite that struck Earth at some point in time. Using the mouse, they can grab any of them to reveal their information (mass, name, year and continent where it struck). Furthermore, pressing spacebar displays a menu which allows the user to filter the meteorites that appear on screen depending on their size, year and continent they fell on. By creating an interactive meteorite interface, "¿Qué tan cerca estamos del espacio?" manages to perpetuate the fleeting moment of the fall of a meteor, transforming it into an endless meteor shower that allows indiscriminate admiration and exploration. 

    Developed with Processing using the Meteorite Landings dataset from Kaggle.com, this visualization seeks to bridge the gap between humans and space, the latter which often hides in difficult to grasp data and spreadsheets.

  • Mouse cursor grabbing meteorites and displaying their information at will
  • Filter menu for defining which meteorites fall on screen
  • Usage demo video