• Dico
    Interaction design project

    Dico is a simple digital musical instrument based on the mechanics of a Theremin. Its name comes from the spanish word "dicotomía", meaning dichotomy, as it is meant to reflect the inherent dichotomous nature of music in the eyes of a newcomer. For a new musician, listening to musical pieces is beautiful, alluring and inviting. However, when they are first faced with composing a piece themselves, music becomes convoluted, labyrinthine and in many cases, painful and impenetrable. Dico is the crystallization of this experience in a tangible musical instrument. On the outside it seems appealing, sporting bright materials such as plastic and copper as well as simple forms that invite spectators to touch and interact with it. Nevertheless, once a user gets past its attractiveness and apparent ease of use, they are met with an overwhelming digital sound that is hard to control even though they can directly determine its pitch and volume. It is meant to frustrate the user who attempts to create beauty out of something imperfect, but also uses said frustration to motivate and encourage creativity, much like music does to many.
  • Frontal view of the device
  • Internal components of Dico
  • Bottom view of the instrument
  • Detail of the capacitive plate