Cámara de liberación

  • Cámara de liberación
    EN// Liberation Chamber 

    For our art direction course at Universidad de los Andes, we were tasked with designing a montage based on the work of Dilara Findikoglu, London based Turkish fashion designer whose work has often been regarded as "empowered tailoring fused with historial references and social commentary." Upon extensively researching her work, its meaning, historical references and audience (which can be seen on our embedded design documents below), we decided to design a montage based on the Latin American Inquisition and the symbols of the occult used in her SS18 collection. The result was a dimly lit liberation chamber, where an executioner ties an audience member to a chair and proceeds to "liberate" them with the use of three torture-shaped makeup tools. The whole performance was enhanced by the use of remotely coordinated lighting and sound effects to create the illusion of being in a dungeon. 

    To develop the montage as a whole, each team member developed a section based on their individual skills. This allowed our team to design a costume, floor pattern, liberation tools and WiFi controlled lighting and sound systems, all of which intensified the audience's experience. 
  • Video documentation of the performance
  • All light settings on
  • Initial executioner position, augmented by red backlight which projected his shadow onto the set
  • Dungeon light setting, projecting jail-cell shadows around the room
  • Liberation light setting, contrasting red and white tones while showing the three liberation tools
  • Executioner costume design
  • Belt and straps used to tie the audience members to the liberation chair
  • Floor design inspired by Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977)
  • Liberation make up tools (from left to right: surgical eyeshadow brush, industrial lash curler, pentagram lip stamp and mirror).
  • Detail of the tools hanging on set
  • Executioner inviting the next victim onto the liberation chair
  • Preparing the industrial lash curler
  • Applying black eyeshadow
  • Hanging the tools at the end of torture
  • End result of the performance
  • Executioner and victim on set