Untitled Bar in London, UK.

  • Untitled, a unique restaurant and bar design in Dalston, London, UK. This is an incredible place to eat, drink and socialise. Untitled has a relaxing and creative atmosphere, where you can transport yourself to an art gallery surrounded by concrete at the same time you drink artistic cocktails and eat from their japanese inspired food menu.
  • In 2017 I made my contribution to the brand by creating accurate content for social networks and media. Under the direction of Simon Conigliaro, I developed animated visuals to attract the attention of the brand's followers from another angle or perspective. The creative content was posted throughout their media channels.
  • Facebook: Untitled Bar
    Instagram: @untitled_restaurant_bar 
    Twitter: @Untitled_bar
  • Animated Design and development by: Paula Castellanos Zafra
    All rights reserved
    2017 Ⓡ