Internship at G.H. Bass & Co - UK Team

  • The history of G.H. Bass & Co. dates back to Maine in 1876 and George Henry Bass- a man on a simple mission to make the very best shoe. In 1936, G.H. Bass & Co. put a stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field,” and playfully dubbed them Weejuns– introducing the world’s first penny loafer. From strolling across college campuses to doing the moonwalk, Weejuns have been found on industrious feet ever since.
  • In 2017 I was able to contribute to this brand as part of the Overland Shoes LTD Marketing and PR team based in London, UK. Overland Shoes LTD is currently the Licensee for G.H. Bass & Co. and other valuable brands including Karl Lagerfeld, they support the brands with their Design, Marketing and Administrative teams.
  • I'm so proud and grateful to have been able to work with such an amazing brand like G.H. Bass & Co. in Europe. As part of the Marketing and PR team, I was responsible for numerous tasks on a daily basis. I kept in touch with the active accounts and offered Trade Marketing support, such as web banners, lookbook images, social media competitions and more. I was able to plan in-store events, create and curate content for Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), be part of retail meetings to discuss brand awareness, performance of the store and social networks, and more. I learned the importance of gifting and how it helped the brand. I ordered shoes for influencers, Sales team around Europe, Friends of Bass, VIP costumers and so on. I was also able to be part of the 2017 Christmas Photoshoot, which was such an amazing experience as I contributed with the concept, props and styling. 
  • Everything I did was possible thanks to the help and support from all my co-workers at Overland Shoes LTD, the PR agencies, Friends of Bass, customers and most importantly: 
    Marta Gronowska, Alzbeta Kralikova, Gilad Yogev, Joe Saul and Raquel Seguí. 
  • Scroll down to find my most significant contributions to the brand.

  • Lookbooks help showcase and understand the main concept of the brand. I used the images on a daily basis for most of my tasks, specially for social media, for clients and to get to know more the new styles and different carryovers. G.H. Bass & Co. is about heritage and timeless Fashion, that's why we keep a brand timeline handy too. The images have been taken in different locations around the USA and the editorial designed and printing in the UK.
  • AW17 Lookbook - Shooted in new orleans, usa. models: Vanya Shigolev and Mackinley Hill
  • printed VERSION
  • The SS16 lookbook comes in this package along with a G.H. Bass & Co. Weejuns campaign.
  • SS16 Lookbook printed version - images Shooted in palm springs, usa. 
  • weejuns campaing printed version - images Shooted in new york, usa. 
  • SS17 Lookbook printed version - images Shooted in Venice, california, usa. 
  • g.H. Bass & Co. Branding examples. (Bag, Product information, logo foil, business cards, shoehorn, shoe box)
  • ​​​​​​​

  •  END OF SUMMER PARTY, AUGUST 2017. Posters and visuals By Joe Saul and paula castellanos zafra
  • g.h. Bass & co. meets stone foundation. October 2017. (video, event invitation plus gifs for instagram stories and twitter)
  • video edited and recorded by tex ranger, choice of music by our team.
  • cape heights launch party, october 2017. (campaign images, gift with purchase, event invitation, animated gifs for social media and video)
  • video edited and recorded by tex ranger, choice of music by our team.
  • zoe sherwood x g.h. bass & co : Birds and words, november 2017.
  • Artist @zoe_sherwood Photography by @ojharv Printing by @metroimaging Sponsored drinks by @Bar_Termini.
    Shoes can be purchased at 

  • For Pinterest I re-designed all the boards in order to create specific moodboards that inspired an European lifestyle or way of living so that customers can identify with our brand and heritage. I also created boards with the lookbooks and photoshoots  so that they're more available for the customers to look at and pin, this way they get to know more about the brand and what it really is. On the other hand, since Pinterest is a source of purchase I created 4 different frames to make the flat shots look more appealing to our customers. They proved to be succesfull and generated sales over different periods, including cyber weekend. They have also been used on Facebook and Twitter. Each board has a general description, and each pin has a brief description of the product and re-directs to the website.
  • For the frames I picked two solid colours, coral and green, and used two different shades of each to separate Women's Weejuns, Women's collection, Men's Weejuns and Men's collection in 4 differents Pinterest boards.
  • Below all the Pinterest designs:

  • Women's Weejuns
  • Women's Collection
  • Men's Weejuns
  • Men's Collection
  • Instagram
  • For Instagram with the help of my team we selected the appropriate images in order to create coherence and storytelling. I also contributed with animated GIFs for Instagram stories to visually  attract more our audience and promote our events. Some of them are showed in the events section.
  • Cyber weekend and brand promotion

  • Twitter
  • For this channel I was responsible of creating tweets everyday at 7am BTS. I came up with the copy depending on the day of the week and what we were promoting at the time. I also kept in mind relevant hashtags and captivating images, redirecting to the website but also using a friendly tone of voice to create a friendly atmosphere with our followers. Here is an example of some Tweets.
  • facebook
  • We scheduled Facebook posts twice a week, usually mondays and thrusdays. I Tried to keep the copy longer than Twitter, which was normally short and sweet. For Facebook we thought of keeping the narration open at the same time we visually attracted our followers. Facebook proved to be our most valuable social media channel, that's why we were more dedicated to the copy and selected relevant content to keep the sales, ads and followers growing.
  • I designed vouchers for gifting friends of the brand, VIP customers, competition winners, PR agencies and so on. A side from sending shoes directly to them like we did sometimes, we gifted them with a voucher to redeem at the store or online so that we support more e-commerce and in-store sales. These vouchers always worked under T&C's.
  • We worked with MODCAST by Eddie Piller and friends several times by sponsoring some of their events with a competition and they supported our events too by playing great northen soul music. MOD culture has been very important to the brand, as many of our followers consider it part of their lifestyle. This made us realise how diverse and amazing the audience of G.H. Bass & Co. is. Here you willl find some of the work we did together.
  • With the help of Navy PR agency in the Netherlands we were contacted in August 2017 to design a 10th anniversary card for Grazia magazine also in The Netherlands. I decided to use one of the best assets from our AW17 campaign that featured both Men's and Women's. They published the card in their Instagram @grazia_nl.

  • This is some of the work I did during my splendid Internship with Overland Shoes in the UK. I learned so much from both brands (Karl Lagerfeld), the amazing team and to design in the real world. I can't thank them enough for the opportunity of a lifetime! I have every single person I met forever in my heart. THANK YOU.
  • Facebook: G.H. Bass & Co Europe
    Instagram: @ghbass1876 
    Twitter: @ghbass1876
  • Design work (except credited) by: Paula Castellanos Zafra
    All rights reserved
    2017 Ⓡ