Ayuda a Homero a evolucionar - Laberinto

    Laberinto con animaciones análogas
  • Ayuda a evolucionar a Homero es un laberinto con animaciones análogas. El propósito del juego es llegar al lado opuesto del laberinto antes que el oponente. En el camino, encontrarás animaciones que te mostrarán la evolución, sin embargo si estas no se mueven, deberás encontrar otro camino para poder llegar. Tienes que estar atento ya que algunas animaciones funcionarán como atajos que te ayudaran a avanzar. 

    Help Homer evolution is a game which consist of a maze with analog animations. These animations use the technique of scanimation, in which people can see with their naked eye moving images in paper. The purpose of the game is to reach the opposite side of the board before their opponent following Homer evolution as a pathway guide. If the animations move it means you are going in the right direction, otherwise if a static block is encountered, the player must find another way. The game counts with shortcuts in animation form which intend to help the player and guide them towards the winning direction.
  • Lorenza González / Sara Prada / Andrea Yáñez