Stalklight. Mobile app to bring people together

  • Stalklight
    Mobile app for bringing people together
  • The main idea behind Stalklight was to create new relationships between people by allowing them to know one of the most important bits of information about each other: availability.

  • Stalklight is designed to tell the world if you are looking for someone and, if you are, what you are looking for. The application works by programming your status and sexual orientation in your cell phone and allowing you to scan the status of the people who surround you in a short distance range. Stalklight works with Bluetooth technology.
  • We believe that, by providing the information mentioned above, people will have more courage to hit on other people, therefore, allowing them to at least meet each other. It’s always easier to go to war when you own an intelligence report.
  • Universidad de los Andes 2006 – Bogotá, Colombia
    Project realized in the Interactive Ambience with Camila Pardo, Manuel Rueda and Yaco Roca
    Design Workshop led by Hernando Barragán