Smart Designs. SIDeR Conference Paper

  • Smart design that make you 'click'
    SIDeR 2013 - Conference Paper
  • One of the most challenging steps on product development is how to give meaning to our designs. Designers have been using different types of methods to achieve this task, one of them is the use of metaphors. There are many products that seem to have a complex relation between its form, function and meaning, making its understanding and perception confusing and ambiguous. 
    Smart designs state a relevant connection between products, the user and the context, pointing a direct relation of the aesthetic (form), the use (function), its message (meaning) and its affinity with the interaction in context (metaphor). According to that, I want to explain that the accurate use of a metaphor will lead to a better perception and a finer understanding of the designed product. In the end, it can be concluded that the more the metaphor is related with the concept and overall embodiment of the product, the more successful and attractive that product is.
  • Conference Paper 2013 – Aarhus, Denmark
    Smart designs that make you 'click' 
    (SIDeR 2013 Conference - 'Empowering Interactions')