Luxorotte. Design for the happy city of Rotterdam

  • Luxorotte
    Illuminating your path
    Design for the Happy city of Rotterdam
  • Glowing pieces of light that looks like snow that... illuminate your path. Luxorotte is a snowflake-printing concept for Gerda’s (Director of The Luxor Theater in Rotterdam) bicycle. The design was part of the Happy City / De Gelukkige Stad at Kaap Belvédère.
  • TU Delft, 2013 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Delft Institute of Positive Design (DIoPD)
    Project realized with Xijin Zhong. 
    Coached by prof. dr. ir. Pieter Desmet, ir. Steven Fokkinga, ir. Deger Ozkaramanli, dr. Anna Pohlmeyer