Egypt Tour #ThisIsEgypt 01 #Aswan

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    I'm launching this project to promote to the tourism in Egypt 
    and to show the World 
    the Beauty of my Country
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    #ASWAN #اسوان
  • Panorama View from the highest point of Aswan "West Aswan" Shows 
    the "Tombs of the Nobles" and the Nile and the Village of West Aswan and the other side of the Nile "City of Aswan"
  • Inside "the Tombs of the Nobles"
  • West Aswan in the Dawn, a Nile View
  • and in the Day
  • View from the bottom of the mountain
  • Kornich Aswan, Nile View from the City of Aswan by the Train Station
  • A Cup of Nubian Coffee in Foxx Nubian Island by the Nile is the best
  • the Way to the Island by boat
  • Real Stuffed Mummies and a Huge Statue inside the Nubian Museum  
  • and for Modern Milestones
    The Egyptian-Soviet Friendship icon from outside and inside View
  • View from the top of The Egyptian-Soviet Friendship icon from outside and inside View
  • the view beside the High Dam
  • and for the People, you will never find a kind people more than the Egyptians
    a Man from Kom Ombo waiting inside the train for his station to meet his beloved family
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  • I Hope you Enjoyed the tour and wait for more trips inside Egypt.
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