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  • Reiki Usui
  • I always teach students in my Reiki workshops that Reiki will lead and guide them along their paths if they open themselves up to receiving Reiki guidance. I am a Reiki Teacher, yet the fuller truth is Reiki itself is the Teacher. I am a vessel that the energy and information goes through. Just as the Reiki practitioner is a channel for the healing energy to move through . 

    In each workshop I am guided on how to best convey the teachings to the individuals in the class. I teach the same things in each workshop, yet the way things are worded or how I have the student practice may be slightly different.

    Once I've attuned students my goal is to have them reach a place of confidence, trust and reliance on the Reiki. My aim is to have the new practitioner leave the Reiki workshop empowered and dedicated to using Reiki in their lives daily. I encourage them to integrate the Reiki into what ever practices they are already using in their lives such as: yoga, massage, meditation, modern medicine, therapy, dance, career, parenting or play.
    How do I foster my student's confidence in using Reiki?

    1. I allow for plenty of practice time. Reiki energy is unseen by most. Therefore, giving and receiving Reiki during the workshop allows for the student to develop a relationship with the healing energy. How it feels when it flows through them. How the energy cycles, ebbs and flows. What it feels like to receive this healing energy.

    2. I encourage the person receiving Reiki and for the giver of Reiki to share what they notice when Reiki is being given. This helps the new Reiki practitioners trust in the unseen effects of the Reiki. When someone first learns Reiki it's so important to have feedback, so they know they aren't making things up in their head. For example, the Reiki student feels that the receiver needs healing at the hips and goes there first. The acknowledgment of the person on the table that they've had hip problems bolsters the confidence of the new practitioner.

    3. I have the students practice various techniques during the workshop to show powerful ways Reiki can be used.

    4. All the while during a Reiki workshop, I'm asking my students to tap into and trust their intuition, because the Reiki will guide the practitioner. It's such a joy to watch people trust their guidance. Watching people feel with their hands and go where the Reiki sends them the messages. Sometimes the Reiki's direction is tingling hands, sometimes inner knowing, or an inner voice, a picture in the mind or a feeling in the body.

    The only thing that puts any limits on the use of Reiki is a lack of creativity. I encourage the students to tap into their creative source and to be open to how Reiki can be used to promote healing and energetic well-being in their lives.

    My hope is that once leaving my workshops that the Reiki practitioners go from hearing my voice in their heads when they use Reiki to hearing the voice and inner promptings of the Reiki. The attunements open the third eye and heart chakras allowing for a deepening of intuition.

    Not only will the Reiki guide You in how, when and where use Reiki. Reiki will guide You on your path to self-awareness. Reiki will put creative ideas for how to use the energy that suit You or people You know. You just need to be open and allow yourself to trust the unseen guidance.

    You're not making it up. The guidance is real even if it's unseen. That's part of the benefit of being with others when You learn. It's so easy to see how strong your intuition is using Reiki, when You have feedback from others in your workshop confirming what You are sensing.